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We specialise in providing the right equipment for Low to Middle-Income Countries. We provide healthcare support for small and large organisations; from a consultancy stage through procurement, logistics, installation, training and after-care.

Hello from the CEO
Introduction Video
Biomedical Online Training Programme
Course fee: £1,950

We are excited to have launched our online Biomedical Engineering programme that can be accessed around the world and allows Biomedical Engineers to communicate with each other and share their knowledge and success.

The Programme Includes:


Unit 0: Health and Safety

Unit 1: The Frequency Spectrum

Unit 2: Electrical Safety

Unit 3: Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Unit 4: Defibrillation

Unit 5: Patient Monitoring

Unit 6: Infusion Devices

Unit 7: Premature Baby Incubators (PBIs)

Unit 8: Ultrasound

Unit 9: Surgical Diathermy

Unit 10: Hygiene Guidelines

Unit 11a: Anaesthetics, Oxygen and Suction Devices

Unit 11b: The Operating Department and Sterilisation

Unit 12: First Aid

Unit 13: Train the Trainer

70+ Videos
300 MCQ's

The Benefits

  • Comprehensive professional tool kit included, the course fee includes DHL costs of the kit  to each delegate
  • The programme recognises the unique needs of LMICs and is written by a team with extensive experience working in this field
  • City & Guilds Accredited
  • Course fee includes additional textbooks
  • Soon to be available in French and Spanish
  • Opportunity to purchase additional Biomedical Engineering test equipment at discounted prices
  • Optional computer can be supplied
  • Library of maintenance manuals supplied
  • Membership of our online forum
  • COVID-19 guidance across all subject areas
View our data analysis into the effectiveness of the Biomedical Engineering Course

Our in-depth report into how our students perform during the course and how it is helping patient care in hospitals across the globe.

Reporting Tools Overview
Reporting Tools

You can also track the progress of your students whilst they are taking the course.
This allows you to:

  • Demonstrate to funders the value their funding provides
  • Keep group leaders updated on students’ performance
  • Identify areas where students need extra help
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