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First Aid

Pre Hospital care is absolutely vital in LMIC’s due to the nature of the environments and the time it takes to get to help. Tim Beacon our CEO, has extensive experience in this area having worked in these environments for many years, being a civilian instructor on the UK Military Special Forces Medical Course and also a Primary Trauma Care instructor. Seeing so often the effects of poor first aid treatment, he was passionate about sharing his knowledge in order to improve this area of care. These videos are taken from our Biomedical Engineering programme and have been reported as extremely helpful to students who have taken the programme.

Part 1:

Introduction and Approach

Part 2:

Airway and Breathing

Part 3:

Circulation and Disability

Part 4:

Fractures and Transporting the Casualty

Train The Trainer

We are really keen that that everyone develops their ability to teach others. Do watch our train the trainer video taken from our online biomedical engineering programme to help you do this.

Train the Trainer

Your Role and the Importance of Communication​

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